Yan Korol - Bucks County realtor

(C): (267) 228-2356

(O): (215) 722-7170

As a buyer and seller’s real estate agent serving Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County, I pride myself on speedy, efficient, and stress-free real estate transactions. Let’s discuss your goals! My name is Yan Korol. Since 2004, I have worked as a licensed real estate agent servicing Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Eastern Montgomery County. Over time, I have learned the rich history and distinctive subtleties of each of these markets. Today, local expertise guides my business practice. I also understand that buying and selling a home is an emotional event. An agent’s success depends on his ability to communicate clearly. Good transactions are founded upon good relationships. As a seller and buyer agent, I have one goal: to create the “perfect match.” Working with a variety of clients, from sellers to first-time buyers, I cultivate relationships with clear, empathetic communication. This is the cornerstone of my representation.

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